What Are Your 2014 Heath Goals? Here’s How to Reach Them!

by Candice Davis

Woman Sitting in MeditationAre you a resolution-maker? A goal-setter? One of my friends already has her 2014 goals and strategic plans mapped out in detail. She’s well ahead of me!

But what about you? Have you been thinking 2014 will be the year you finally lose the weight, run a marathon, or get the stress out of your life?

You probably already know that your goals should be specific and measurable. “Eat well” is a vague wish, but “eat 50% raw” is a specific, measurable goal for which you can be clearly accountable. You’re either doing it or you’re not.

You also probably already know that most people fall off the New Year’s resolution bandwagon before Valentine’s Day. But there’s one thing you can do to make sure you’re one of the few who succeed in making resolutions a reality. (Well, there are a few things, but this one is particularly powerful.)

How can you achieve your 2014 health goals?

Start small and start now.

If you can make the necessary changes in the direction of your goals now, as we’re all inundated with the holiday hustle and bustle, you’ll have a head-start on the new year. When everyone else is getting geared up, you’ll already be in a positive routine. You may need to increase your efforts a bit, but that’s a lot easier when you’re already in the habit.

Want to eat high raw in 2014? Make sure 1/2 your plate is raw at every meal. Start now.

Want to meditate 15 minutes a day in 2014? Meditate 5 minutes a day. Start now.

Plan to exercise 30 minutes a day next year? Do 10 minutes a day until the end of the year. Start now.

The 18 days left in this year shouldn’t be squandered just because the kids need gifts or the office is throwing a holiday party. Make the time. A small effort now will make the greater effort later a lot easier .

Try it. You’ll see. Start small and start now.

Live the difference!

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  • Chasity

    Fantastic advice Candice. I’m doing it… day by day, drinking more water, even 10 mins of exercise a day. Eating more healthy snacks. It really does make a difference. The holiday season is nearly over, and I haven’t gained 20 lbs this year… Believe to Achieve.

  • http://TheRawDifference.com/blog Candice Davis

    Good for you, Chasity! Every step in the right direction counts. And we absolutely don’t have to add body fat over the holidays. There are plenty of things to enjoy–family, friends, Christmas carols, gift exchange, plays, The Nutcracker, and more–that don’t involve harming our health. Keep it up!
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  • Twinki

    Hello Candice, I started at the beginning of December running and speed walking 5 days a wk. weather permitting for 1 hr. if I cannot go outside I jump rope, do the stability ball and squat jumping jacks. I try and mix it up if I have to stay in the house. But you are right start now any and everyone who wants a new outlook in 2014, believe it….achieve it!!!

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