The Benefits of Young Thai Coconuts.

by Candice Davis

Nutritious, Refreshing, Delicious!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was a little spoiled.

When we were first introduced to young Thai coconuts, I lived near a little market where the clerks would crack my coconuts for me.

Of course, this meant I was lazy about learning to do it for myself. It looked difficult and dangerous–until I had no choice.

I signed up for a raw food class with Chef Jenny from 118 Degrees, a raw food restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. All the students, including me, were thrilled when we came into class and found a coconut waiting for each of us. We were thrilled until Chef Jenny announced that we’d all be cracking our own coconuts before the end of the day.

Dang it!

If I can do it . . .

Somehow we all managed. The trick is to use a sharp, high-quality cleaver (with one piece of stainless steel making up the blade and extending into the handle) and keep your non-chopping hand out of the way. (Low quality cleavers have been known to break, sending the blade flying, after going through a few dozen coconuts.) There are dozens of videos online showing you how to do it.

Benefits of Young Thai Coconuts (including the water and meat)

  • High in electrolytes that keep you hydrated and recharge your energy like a natural sports drink
  • High in lauric acid, which is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, and has been shown to boost immunity
  • Easy to use in raw food recipes, like smoothies, yogurt, crackers, and desserts

I usually buy coconuts with the intention of using them in recipes, but they’re so good, my girls and I polish them off before I get can get creative with them. If your local stores don’t carry the coconuts, try health food stores, Asian markets or Mexican/Latin markets.

And if your coconut is slightly pink or purple inside, trash it. You can usually tell if this will be a problem by inspecting the white husk for any discoloration.

Live the difference!

  • Rawkinmom

    I honestly had a flying blade happen to me!! My knife had a wooden handle and I thought the blade went all the way through but it didn’t! I was hacking away at a coconut and the blade flew up in the air-Thank GOD my kids weren’t around and the blade landed on the ground….I ONLY use a solid knife now!!!
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